A good day for me is when I write, work with my clients — and dream up new ways to murder fictional people and solve the crime.

It’s hard for me to remember a time when I didn’t want to be a novelist. I grew up in a family of readers, and even in public school I began to write stories. I followed the usual route for a writer – took every English course I could in high school, studied English literature at university, took a year off to write a book and found I couldn’t write more than a chapter.

I took a detour. I went to law school in Toronto and graduate school in London, worked as a magazine editor in Paris, then came back to Toronto and published my own city magazine for six years. I also worked as a film executive and as a producer at CBC Radio.

At last I opened my criminal law practice (the only part of law that ever interested me) and started writing my first novel. That took 10 years. It is still in a drawer. I spent the next decade writing Old City Hall, which was published in 2009. My newest novel, Heart of the City, is my fifth.

I still practice law and am very proud of our firm Rotenberg, Shidlowski & Jesin. Here’s our website: www.rsjlaw.ca.