Mail: Copyright 2013 Robert Rotenberg
I started my career as a criminal lawyer (and a secret writer) back in 1991. Fortunately I soon met up with my great friend Alvin Shidlowski, and we’ve practiced together ever since. A few years ago we were joined by Jacob Jesin, who is not only a most talented young lawyer, but Mr. Technology who keeps us all on track.

Together we are a fine team.  Fortunately for me, as my writing career has taken me away more and more, Alvin and Jake have stepped up to carry the load.

I’m often asked if I am still a practicing criminal lawyer. The answer is an emphatic yes. But gone for now are the days of my doing long, grinding trials. For example, a few months ago when murder case came to me, I was forced to pass it to Alvin and Jake.

If you happen to be looking for a lawyer, just drop me a line on the website. I check it every day. And one of us will take very good care of you.