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Travis West – Web Designer/Magician.
Travis is my on-line other arm, and thank goodness. He has not only redesigned the website, but made every change I want to make a click away. Smart, funny, forward thinking – you need someone to design or run your website, Travis gets all my votes.
Fudge – Dog.
Fudge, more than any being on this planet, has been at my side, usually with his bum fast against my hip, throughout my writing career. He is particularly useful when I need some good barking to get done, or a ball retrieved oh, maybe thirty or forty times a day.  
Glen Gaston - Actor.
Every writer should have Glen at his kitchen table, where for each book he reads the manuscript to me. We laugh, we cry, I fill pages with red ink.
Can't imagine getting a book out without him.  
Joe Frankel has worked as a screenwriter and commercial director in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles and as a story editor, developing screenplays for a diverse array of companies.

He currently works as a freelance video producer, servicing a wide array of business clients, including authors and publishers and he produced the great videos you see on the site at

Joe Frankel
Matthew Arbeid
Computer Technology Expert and technology contributor on CHCH TV’s Square Off. Matthew keeps my computers, printers, phones and iPads all working. Couldn’t do this without him.