“Robert Rotenberg’s latest whodunit sets up an uncannily corrupt Toronto.” The Toronto Star
“Readers of all description will get off on Stranglehold’s crackerjack courtroom drama”… “the action is authoritatively presented…and as twisty as anything from Perry Mason’s worst nightmares.” The Toronto Star
“Fans know that Rotenberg is a master of the classic courtroom drama, but he’s also highly knowledgeable about Canadian police procedure.” The Globe and Mail

Stray Bullets

Rotenberg’s work reads like an episode of Law and Order.”The Chronicle Herald
“Rotenberg makes it his own with propulsive plotting, crisp, vivid, no-wasted-words writing, and, most importantly, distinct characters virtually all of whom make individual claims on a reader’s interest and empathy.” The London Free Press
“Rotenberg really knows how to build legal suspense” The Globe and Mail
“Rotenberg, a Toronto criminal lawyer who rents office space from Eddie Greenspan, has the credentials to write a crime novel built around the intricacies of Canada’s criminal trial system.” The Toronto Star

The Guilty Plea

“Rotenberg has crafted an idealistic but gripping – and distinctly Canadian – portrait of how justice does and does not get done.”The London Free Press
“He has learned to master the interesting interweaving of characters’ professional and personal lives into a fascinating story-line.”The Toronto Sun
“It’s a solid whodunit.”Winnipeg Free Press
“Rotenberg is a real life criminal lawyer. The detail that he puts into his story, about the whole procedure from suspect to sentencing, is amazing.”Linda Reads

Old City Hall

“Robert Rotenberg juggles a large cast and spins his twisty yarn efficiently.”Entertainment Weekly