Stray Bullets

Follow Detective Greene’s journey through real-life Toronto landmarks. Click on a location for more information and get directions to see it for yourself.
Other maps: Old City Hall, The Guilty Plea, Stranglehold and Heart of the City.

Fifty-Five Division 101 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON M4L 3B3 "Fifty-five was the local police division that had been a second home for St. Clair since he'd been twelve." (page 37)
Little India 1328 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 2V5 "'The worst part of this is the prison food. It's so bland.' 'Dinner's on me anywhere you want in Little India, as soon as you get out,' Greene said." (page 193)
The Bloor Street Viaduct 750 Bloor St E Toronto, ON M4W 1J4 "In a few blocks she crossed the bridge across the Don Valley and the city burst into view, the downtown offices a forest of gleaming glass." (page 38)
Le Petit Dejeuner 191 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1J5 "Ozera had been working for a month as a dishwasher at the Le Petit Dejeuner, a hip restaurant down on the old part of King Street." (page 157)
Pravda Vodka Bar 44 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C7 "The Pravda, a trendy bar on Wellington Street, was one of the many downtown watering holes that Petersen frequented." (page 81)
The Eaton Centre 220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1 "There were never enough Crowns around...They were either hungover or dying to sneak out and go sale shopping at the nearby Eaton Centre, or both." (page 173)
Jump 18 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5L 1G4 "DiPaulo loved the spotlight. The action. He had a regular table right in the middle of the floor." (page 308-9)
Nathan Phillips Square 100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2 "...the wide windows on the last wall that looked out onto Nathan Phillips Square, the wide open space in front of city hall names after one of Toronto's most progressive mayors." (page 66)
University Avenue University Avenue, Toronto, ON "University Avenue was a European-style boulevard, the widest street in the downtown core." (page 15)
Mount Sinai Hospital 600 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1X5 "They're going to Mount Sinai up the street. Mother is there, having complications with her pregnancy." (page 20)
Pusateri's 57 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 2B1 "'That's him,' Lindsmore said. 'Caught stealing pate and fancy French cheese from the Pusateri's on Bay Street, the one just north of Bloor.'" (page 249)
Plaza Flamingo 423 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1T1 "...insisted they meet at the Plaza Flamingo, a huge Latin restaurant and nightclub on College Street." (page 109)
Toronto East Detention Centre 55 Civic Rd, Scarborough, ON M1L 2K9 "And the worst place of all was Toronto East Detention Centre, an industrial-size prison in a barren part of Scarborough, the poorest and most remote suburb of Toronto." (page 133)
Hoggs Hollow Hoggs Hollow, North York, Toronto, ON "They would normally have had a sweeping view over a big valley named Hoggs Hollow, but right now the snow was so heavy the windows were covered in white." (pages 161-2)